Organizing Services

The key to helping you to live beautifully can be starting off with successful organization, smart design and easy maintenance. That’s because figuring out what goes where in your home isn’t a one-time deal it’s an ongoing life process.  And we love helping with that.  Especially Stephanie!

Many life changes require organizing one’s past life to accommodate the future. Getting ready for a remodel, packing to move, welcoming a new baby, transitioning a “tween” to a teen can turn life and its things up-side down.  Just getting a room that has gotten away from you all squared away can improve your life.  Stephanie will help you catch everything before it touches the ground.  And we weave that service into our Interior Design services so that your well organized space becomes your very beautiful organized space.

Lord Design Organizing Services help you to…

  • See how organization contributes to whole house design.
  • Steer clear of clutter.
  • Revamp your home business space.
  • Discover the things you can live without.
  • Use existing spaces more efficiently.
  • Easily prep for houseguests who require accommodation.
  • Help you to get ready for a remodel.
  • Organize, store and manage your holiday décor at setup and teardown.

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Lord Design specializes in working with homeowners and contractors on whole house design and remodeling. From room to room, your home should feel harmonious and reflect your unique style. Watch our whole house design video to learn more!


Kitchen and Bath Design is some of the most challenging and rewarding work we do. These rooms need to work hard for you, so our team works hard to make them perfectly functional and absolutely beautiful.


Not finding what you want in the stores or just ready to have your dream house? We offer custom furniture design, custom window treatments and source unique, one-of-a-kind accessories for your home.

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